There are lots of ways to earn real money with crypto currencies. The oldest way is mining – with it you gain just a little bit of the winnings. But with the creation of  the crypto coin DASH, the crypto currencies using the masternode principle are becoming more and more popular. They are an ideal way to earn some passive income.

Masternodes really differ from the ‘normal’ crypto currencies like bitcoin in their technical way of working – basically the new coins are distributed between the miners AND the people holding coins already.

The most specific function of the masternodes are the increased privacy of transactions, instant transfers and the very low costs of usage. They always communicate using the blockchain technology, and this decentralizes the network.

To create a masternode you need to own some amount of the currency (depends on the different coins). The most common example is the DASH coin. To have a masternode in the DASH network, you need to own 1000 DASH. This is the way you guarantee your masternode. After you create your masternode at each time interval, you gain new coins – an income of the coin you own a masternode in. It really seems like the mining in other cryptos, but it doesn’t waste electricity the way they do. No expenses on energy and cooling systems.

The last part is the really interesting one for the investors – income of masternodes. As we already discussed, with a working masternode of specific coin, you gain some real dividends each day. We also need to know that each network is different and has different technical properties. The example above – using DASH is the most expensive  and popular masternode coin. The daily rewards are distributed between all active masternodes in the network.

If you make the right investment, choosing the right crypto, you will gain the benefits of investing in a really lucrative deposit plan, with great daily return of investment. With masternodes you have control of your assets 24/7. You can always and at anytime stop your masternode and exit the investment, keeping all the income and your winnings.