Qabio (QBO)
StakeCubeCoin (SCC)
APR Coin (APR)
1X2 Coin (1X2)

KRAIT – You can build masternode with 3000 KRAIT coins.

Kraitcoin is a new revolutionary kind of money with which anyone can send or receive any amount of money with anyone else, anywhere, without any restriction.This is the dawn of a better free world.

Qabio - You can build masternode with 10 000 QBO coins, with good return.

The transaction’s speed, commission’s size for small payments and energy costs associated with the mining of coins are subjects of criticism for financial institutions and regulators and manipulation over the people against crypto currencies. With Quabio it’s time to correct all of that and create new world without dictatorship, prohibitions, central banks and currency dogmas.

StakeCubeCoin – You can build masternode with 1000 SCC coins.

You can always keep track of all your positions and get the most profit out with STakeCubeCoin. We will never stop developing new functions, so all deposits, stakes and withdrawals will be fully automated with the advantage of immediately staking of coins after depositing them.

APR Coin - You can build masternode with 3000 APR coins

APR Coin is a decentralized currency in the whole world, as it is run on hundreds of active Masternodes held by APR owners globally and not by any one party. Through the use of POS block rewards, APR Coin ensures that the sole focus of the Masternode currency is to reward those who hold the coin long term. One simply has to leave their APR Coin Desktop Wallet application open and staking block rewards will accrue.

VIVO - You can build masternode with 1000 VIVO coins.

VIVO has a very low pre-mine dedicated to the development and furthering of the currency, including having it listed on popular exchanges. The development team brought their vision of a decentralized and secure masternode network to a passionate and energetic community.

1X2 Coin - You can build masternode with 1000 1X2 coins.

This is one good and promising investment for masternode with good daily return and normal stability. 1X2 Coin is used by our partners, worldwide sportsbooks which accepts cryptocurrency, for transfer of funds and payments within our platform. We are affiliating all good sports books sites in market and we will develope our own crypto enabled sports book site which will enter strong in this multi billion market.